High-speed, fully automated, Preco presses along with many other options.

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Die Cutting

Production Equipment

Preform Sealants has a wide variety of presses to serve your needs. We have swing-head, traveling-head, clam-shell, and roller presses. We also have high-speed and high-accuracy kiss-cutting Preco presses. For special applications and prototype parts we have water jet and laser cutting available. We offer kiss-cutting on rolls and sheets, with or without the scrap and matrix removed.


The speed of our equipment allows for smaller tool sets, which minimizes initial tooling costs. With less cavities, there is less variation in the cut parts, and less maintenance of the cutting rule. With our in-house die services you can be assured of quick turn-around and no delays from a tool needing repair.


Our experienced staff can help evaluate your requirements and offer suggestions for appropriate materials and layout. We also offer in-plant evaluations of your assembly process to help speed production by supplying you with the best form of materials.

PRODUCT DATA SHEET | Download PVC Foam Sealant Tape & Gasket Materials

Material Examples

  • Solid Neoprene
  • PVC (Foam and Solid)
  • Re-Bonded Foam Pads
  • Cork
  • Polyethylene
  • Expanded Neoprene